Turkey, Friends and the Parade

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade NYC

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend! It was a lovely weekend over here and I got to do something I’ve always dreamed of.. going to the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade! I figured it was about time for my 5th Thanksgiving in the city ;-)

So thankful that some of my friends were as excited to check it out as I was this year!

Not only did we get to see a line-up of the balloons before the parade, but there were also turkey hats..

I think my face says it all by how excited I was about it!

I was really excited to check out the parade because it’s really the one parade that even if you’re 40 people back you can still see the balloons because they’re so high up.

Seeing Spidey take over the whole street was AWESOMEEE!

Totally awesome and totally worth going to see!