Let's Talk Pizza

Pizza is a New York staple that can’t be ignored… Literally! It’s available on just about every corner. And, while there will always be a place in my heart for Pizza Hut, Godfather’s, and Papa Murphys, there are just some “pies” and “slices” as they say here, that can’t really compare. Where can you really find the best pizza though.. because judging by the signs, everyone seems to think there’s is the best. Here’s a look at some of my favorites.

Exhibit A: Motorino

I’ve talked about this restaurant before, but the more pizza I eat, the more I realize not much can compare to Motorino’s pizza in the East Village. Looking for a pizza a little out-of-the-ordinary? Try their brunch pizza, Pizza al’Uovo, complete with fior di latte, fried eggs, pancetta, basil, pecorino, and chili oil.

Oh yes, you heard right. There is indeed an egg on this pizza. While living in Oregon, I had my first burger with an egg on it, and at the time I thought that was an unlikely pairing, but I definitely would never have thought to put an egg on pizza! Surprisingly, the pair works seamlessly and the egg tames down some of the chili oil to create a spicy, yet flavorful creation.

Exhibit B: Satelite Pizza

Next up, let me introduce you to Satelite Pizza. It’s a little trip from the city (it’s located on Long Island) but if you make it out of Manhattan, don’t pass it up! They’ve been doing pizza and other Italian dishes since 1974 and know what they’re doing!

They’re also the first place I’ve been to in New York that has offered stuffed slices. Below you will see the cheeseburger slice on the left and stuffed meat on the right. It’s also worth pointing out that their cheeseburger slice had some ketchup mixed in with the traditional marinara sauce. Oh yes! I think these slices speak for themselves in this picture.

Another Italian classic is calzones, and if you make it to Satelite, also order a calzone. Although, you’ll probably have to take most of it to-go because they are huge! They’re also deep-fried.. and trust me, you can’t get them like this at other places.

Exhibit C: Felicetta’s Pizza!

Okay, okay you might have to have an in to try out this last pizza, but after a recent discovery of Chris’ talent making pizza, I had to mention it. 

Note that food prep takes place at the living room coffee table… No counter space in the mini-sized Manhattan kitchen.

This deep-dish styled pizza is made with Auntie Anne’s pretzel mix dough, minced garlic, sopressata, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, romano and parmesan cheese. I hate to say it too.. but Chris’ first pizza blew out-of-the-water Seattle’s so called “best pizza” from Serious Pie. Sorry Seattle, you know I love you and I swear I’m not trying to be a pizza snob, but I cannot tell a lie. So if I can ever convince Chris for a move out west, Chris just might have a calling ;-)