JG Melon :: A Classic NY Burger

The Food Network’s, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate" is a fantastic, usually mouth-watering show (except for the spiciest edition!). It’s even better when some of the restaurants featured are here in the city, and lucky for us we usually get lucky and there is at least one here. While it is a great show, it’s also a little dangerous because it makes you very hungry and wanted instant gratification to try the places that may be a mere subway ride away too. Exhibit A.) JG Melon. This time I didn’t actually see the show, but it was all about the best burgers and one of the guys on the show said if he got to pick his last meal it would be a burger from JG Melon. How can you say no to that? Now, I always joke about being the most burger-loving girl in the country, but what you don’t know is behind the joke I am completely serious. I dare you to find another girl who loves a burger like I do! My old roommates will attest to my burger dance or burger songs I would sing while cooking.. oh yes, this did happen. 

So when I heard there was a restaurant I had to try only a mere ten block walk from my apartment I was ready to go!

And there we were! A classic burger joint on the Upper East Side that has been open since 1932! Make no mistake about the melon part in the name either.. while I didn’t see any actual melons on the menu, there was melon decor everywhere!

You can get a glimpse of the melon-age from this picture. I absolutely loved this place! Their melon was probably a 1/4 page. Short and to the point. They know what they do well, and seem to keep it classic. I’m not sure if this is something unique to New York, but I’ve ran into quite a few burger joints in the city that are sit-down, but that you order the burger and any sides separately. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to them always coming with fries? I’m not sure, but I have come across that issue probably 4 times now. You can also mark this place off as another cash only restaurant (my favorite.. not).

My burger was perfectly cooked medium with red onion, perfect pickle slices, and cheese. Classic, just the way I like them!

We also ordered some of their fries, which almost look like the shape of the pickle chips. I’ve never had any fries like them before! They were the perfect width and cut small enough for the perfect bite sizes! Fantastic, two thumbs up for this burger joint. 

After dinner we made a quick stop by Crumbs to pick up a couple cupcakes for dessert. How could we not? It was on the way home!