I'm an Owl!

The early Halloween storm may have caught us off-guard, but I had invested too many hours in sewing my feathers on my owl costume not to wear it for the world! It may have been 30 degrees out.. but we weren’t going to let it stop us. I put on my snow coat, packed up my costume, and headed over to Chris’ apartment to get ready before heading out. Here is a picture of the final project!

Unfortunately, because of the snow I had to trade my pink sparkly Toms in for my boots.. but that’s okay! Here’s a close-up at my little mask too!

Lots of pink and sparkles just like I had hoped for! We ended up going across town to one of Chris’ friends’ Halloween party and ended up having a really great time. There was even a costume contest and I won! This is only because Chris and his friends broke out into a chant yelling my name, but thanks to their cheers I won a $100 American Express giftcard! Cheyeaahhhh! I’ll take it. So I hope everyone had a fabulous (and less snowy) Halloween!