Feeling a Little Grey

My room is officially finished! My spur of the moment decision ending up taking a little bit more than the 24 hours I was expecting. It turns out, it’s not that easy to paint over yellow stripes on the wall! Even with primer, I had t o put quite a few layers of grey paint to even it out. Here is how it turned out though!

I kept my accent wall pink to maintain some color in the room. Here’s a look at my new bedding and curtains to frame my bed. West Elm was really responsible for this makeover… if it weren’t for their bedding sale I probably would have kept things the same for awhile, but I couldn’t resist plus I needed a new duvet. I ended up actually going with a different one than I originally planned, but I really loved it!

To cap off the look I picked up some new canvases at Michaels and got my paint on!

I can’t do anything complicated, but I love just playing around with some color and patterns on fresh canvas. So there you have it! My new and improved look for my room!