Death Cab for Cutie and MagikMagik Orchestra

I’m so excited to finally write to you all about the Death Cab for Cutie concert! I bought tickets for the show in late January as a Valentine’s Day present to Chris and it feels like it seems like we’ve been in count-down mode forever! 

I was also pretty excited about the concert because 1. It’s a band that Chris and I both enjoy (this doesn’t happen, more often than not) 2. The show was at the Beacon Theatre and I have only heard great things about the venue 3. They were performing with an orchestra! How often does that happen at an alternative rock show? and 4. Death Cab is from Bellingham, WA — shout-out to the home state!

The venue, lived up to every one of my expectations. The theatre is done-up in ornate detailing from wall-to-wall expressing vintage and classic decor.  I would expect nothing less from Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel who was the “brainchild” behind the Beacon and its sister theatre the Radio City Music Hall. When you walk through the doors you can envision the past musical, dramatic, and other arts acts that have taken place within its quarters all the way back to the 1920’s.

At 2,600 seats, the venue also provides an intimate concert experience compared to other larger venues. Don’t let me forget to mention that it is also known for its phenomenal acoustics, which makes it a favorite for concert-goers. Because of the size, and the steepness of the seats there really isn’t a bad seat inside the venue. Pssst, if you haven’t caught on already I really LOVED this concert and theatre ;-)

So how was the actual concert? Truly amazing. Definitely one of my favorites in the city so far. Death Cab is a band I’ve been listening to since the early 2000’s (They started in 1997) so it was so awesome to see them in concert and listen to songs I’ve really grown up on over the last 12 years. Ben Gibbard is the lead singer, and he really has a way of capturing emotion in his songs. Chris really said it best by saying no one does depressing much better than their band. Which, well, sounds depressing, but the great thing about their music is they can take deep emotion from hardships and life and turn it into something inspiring. Add in the 8 piece string section from Magik*Magik Orchestra and it really just added a completely different dimension to their music.

Definitely a night to remember here in the city and every cent well spent on tickets!