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For the Love of Window Boxes

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I love the spring in NYC. After the cold and dark winter months, it is wonderful to watch the seasons change as the sun comes back out to play. One thing that I think is a big misconception about the city is that it really is just a “concrete jungle”. When you think of New York, you don’t think of tree lined blocks or even flowers much at all. Quite the opposite is true though, and let me mention there are trees outside of Central Park. Along the blocks, trees actual do line the streets and flower beds below. Because of the extreme seasons, the plants are re-planted often with seasonal plants. Summer flowers throughout the summer and into the fall, pine branches or these cabbage looking plants in the winter, and tulips in the Spring. While the spring flowers don’t last too long before being re-planted for summer, I absolutely love the stunning tulips around the city in the spring. I’ve also fallen in love with.. flower boxes.

There is something about having fresh blooms outside your window that is appealing to me. Not to mention they add a nice touch of dimension to the bricked apartment.  exterior. They also seem like the perfect solution for the girl who loves flowers, but can’t seem to keep any alive inside an apartment.. not even the indoor plants. Oops! So these seem like the perfect solution. We don’t have any window boxes at my current apartment, but maybe one day…