Comedy Night Live at the Gilda's Club

This week was quite the busy week! While historical events were taking place I also had a busy week with after work plans. One of the events I had the pleasure to attend was Comedy Night Live at the Gilda’s Club. Chris ran the New York City marathon this fall and the charity he represented was the Gilda’s Club. The Gilda’s Club is a non-profit that offers cancer patients and their families social and emotional support in a fun environment. Cancer is unfortunately a disease that has probably touched each of our lives in one way or another and this charity focuses on giving people a safe place.

So when Chris told me about the event and that the money supported charity you can bet we were on board pretty fast! The event was in the clubhouse down in the West Village location. The night featured local comedians, dj and had Colin Quinn head-lining. It was a really fun evening filled with meeting some of Chris’ friends that are involved with the charity, drinks, and plenty of laughs. Especially with the events of the weekend it was nice to take a break from everything serious and just get in a nice laugh. The other comedians were Brad Cohen, Carolina Hidalgo, Chewy May, Sam Pepper , Jean Themelis, and cesar Zamora. I was definitely impressed too! Which, is saying a lot since it takes a lot for me to laugh at stand-up. I call some up-and-coming stars in that group for sure. Collin Quinn was hilarious too! I, in astonishment to Chris, didn’t know who he was previous to the show, but he had me cracking up his whole performance. 

Such a great show and night for a great cause! Couldn’t ask for anything better!