Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae hit the Stage

I am so excited to share with you guys about the Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae concert we went to this week!

I’m not a huge follower of concerts coming through town and missed the early bird on Bruno Mars coming to town. I actually had no idea he was even coming until last week when I sent over some concert info to Chris. There’s a few artist I’d really love to see in concert and Bruno Mars is definitely in the top ten! I was bummed when I found out the concert was already sold out (not surprising) though and the only tickets available on Stubhub were too much to pull out the credit card.. After a stressful week and hitting a bad case of homesickness Chris decided to try and cheer me up with a pair of tickets to the concert. Boy, was I an excited girl!

So, Wednesday rolled around and we headed to the Roseland Ballroom for the concert! We met up with our friend Candice too, who is a big Janelle Monae fan. The concert was amazingggggg with a lack of better words to describe its pure amazingness. I didn’t know much of Janelle Monae before her Grammy performance this year, but if you don’t know of her yet check her out! She’s an incredible performer and artist! I love her tack on jazzy-upbeat music that makes you want to grab the person next to you and start swing dancing or doing the “twist”. Her performance did not disappoint. It was pretty wild too with a full band, back-up singers, and, my favorite, a chamber orchestra. The orchestra was pretty jazzed up woo with the instruments with outlined bodies. 

Next up, the fabulous and also very talented Bruno Mars! Aw, I love him. Truly. His music is so great, and pretty lovey what I came to realize. A lot of love songs.. Again, Bruno takes on a great balance of being current but also mixing in the history of jazz and reggae into the pop world. Known for rocking fedoras, Bruno stayed true to his style winning over every girl in the audience as he sang, “Just the Way You Are.” 

If you get a chance to see Bruno or Janelle, don’t pass the opportunity up!