Where are the Baby Pigeons?

Today I came to a strange realization. Pigeons rule the city of New York. Why there is not pigeon control like there is rat control I’m not really sure, but I’ll look into that for another post. What I realized today is while pigeons roam the streets, patios, and everywhere in between in the city how is it that I’ve never seen a baby pigeon? The only possibility I could rationalize was maybe they only nest in the summers? Since, it is the only season I haven’t fully been immersed with yet. That didn’t seem likely though so I decided to take my question to the office. Where are the baby pigeons?! While I may have gotten a couple of funny looks for asking the question we soon realized that no one in the office had actually seen one either. Apparently pigeons don’t take after ducks and have their babies follow them around in Central Park. 

So, the little journalist in me prevailed and decided to do a little research. I learned pretty quickly that I am not the first person to question baby pigeons. In fact, when I Google searched, “Why do you never see baby pigeons” I got 510,000 results. According to PawFun blog the reason you never see baby pigeons boils down to the fact that baby pigeons grow very rapidly and skip the “cute phase” that other baby birds go through. We also don’t see them because they never next in sight of humans. The last one I find a little hard to believe since I’m betting the pigeon population equates pretty close to humans in the city. Someone the sneaky little fearless birds find a way to nest out of sight though. So there you have it! Mystery solved.