City Girl Back in the Country.. Or is it, Country Girl Back in the Country?

I am so thankful for the additional time I got to spend in Washington. While it still wasn’t a lot of extra time (I still had to work from home my entire stay) I’m still glad I got to do it. I made it back just in time for Father’s Day too! I cannot believe I hadn’t seen my Dad for 10 months.. as I said before, NEVER again! Now if someone had the winning lottery numbers that would make this whole situation a lot easier.. 

Anyways, I was glad to make it home and sleep in my old bed and see all of the lovely things my Mom has been doing at home to make her house even cuter. We decided that a BBQ for Father’s Day seemed very fitting so my Mom and I spend Saturday getting ready for Father’s Day. We took a little break in the evening and headed to the brewery in Buckley and caught up with my Dad, Susan, and a couple of my friends at dinner afterwards. Like I said before this portion of my trip was very last-minute so I didn’t get to see a whole ton of my friends, but am grateful for who I did get to see. 

For Father’s Day we headed to my Dad’s and he cooked up some delicious burgers and we spent the evening hanging out, had a fire in his backyard, and watched a movie. We upgraded our Dad with a new Thermos to replace the clunker he has been carrying around the last (at least) 15 years. 

Another portion of my trip home involved going through both of my parents’ garages in search of summer clothes I would want back in New York. I packed an extra suitcase so I could stuff it full of things. I was pretty impressed too because I ended up clearing out a lot more of my things for my parents too. I guess if you don’t need things after almost a year, you probably don’t need them. Of course I kept all of my keepsakes, for my arrival back on the west coast, but old pairs of work-out clothes and night-shirts definitely got sorted out.