A Little More Time in the Claw

For my remainder of my trip I worked during the work-week, but escaped at night for a little fun.

On Monday I was lucky enough to squeeze a quick visit in with my Grandma with my Mom for dinner. My move to New York happened pretty quickly where I didn’t have a ton of time to set-up going away events so I missed out on saying goodbye to most of my family, my Grandma being one. After work my Mom and I headed over to my Grandma’s house to visit and go out to dinner. It was such a good time. My family has always been important to me, but add another couple of thousands of miles in between and that importance is what really keeps you stay grounded and know you are supported no matter where you may be. 

After my short visit with my Grandma I was back in Enumclaw and at the Hardersens to visit little Faithy. Although, I suppose at some point I need to stop calling her that, as she is actually taller than me now (although I may be in denial). We decided to hi-jack one of their cars and head to Wilkeson to pick up some of my things to have a little sleepover. On the way back a visit with my friend Brittany was in check, as well as a trip through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box for some celebratory milkshakes (Faith is going to be in high school now). From there we headed back and got a couple hours of sleep in before I was awake again at the crack of dawn and on my computer to work. 

I must say, after all of my travels I was well over-due for this thing called sleep.. ever heard of it? No wasting time when you are on a limited visit though! Tuesday afternoon was followed by my Mom picking me up, circa 1999 style, and heading to my Dad’s for a little dinner and some more time together. From there I was back in Enumclaw to catch up with my friends Bryson, Mel, and Jimmy at the Martini Bar in town for Trivia Night. I’ll just be very honest in saying you probably don’t want me on your trivia team. Of the 3 rounds of 10 questions I failed to answer ever ONE correctly! I’m certainly no dummie, but turns out I’m not very educated on pop-culture and movies from before I was born. Regardless, it was a fun time to catch up with a couple of my good friends.

By Wednesday my hours were numbered. I worked during the day and then was focused on cramming as much things of mine as I could fit in my extra suitcase. I’m not quite sure how I made it fit, but I did it! We wrapped my visit up with a trip to our favorite Thai restaurant in Bonney Lake and then we were off to the airport. This time, we decided goodbye wasn’t going to be so hard because I found my Mom the steal-of-a-deal airfare back to New York for Labor Day weekend (plus a couple of days). THANK GOD! The last time I was at Seatac I was flying across the country to a new life, and well, I don’t think I need a repeat of that experience. So it was a lot easier leaving knowing I’d be seeing my Mom in Septemeber, the Hardersens the next weekend (my next adventure), and my Dad possibly in August, but at least at Christmas. So much of a relief!