Aww, today was such a success! Woke up at 7, showered, got dressed, took Scooter on a walk and then it was out to door and to the subway. The closest subway station is on 86th Street and Lexington, which ends up being about a 15 minute walk. I bought my unlimited subway card yesterday before the failed mission to Ikea so all the only thing I had to do was get on the right train! The right train ends up being train number 6. Mission accomplished? Oh yes, I even got asked a couple times for directions so I must have looked like I kind of knew what I was doing (or at least that’s what I would like to think!) The 6 train worked out great too because it stops at 28th street and our office is on 28th and Broadway. Then it’s about another 5 to 7 minute walk to the office. 

I ended up being 20 minutes early.. time enough to get a hot tea and a danish at the food cart in front of the building :) Not bad for my first solo attempt on the subway I would say. 

After work we were onto our second attempt at Ikea in Brooklyn. Another success? How did you know? I told you it was going to be a good day! So we ran through Ikea and collected some much needed furniture. We’re still waiting on the couch Darcy ordered there about two weeks ago. Apparently Ikea “lost” her couch in the warehouse. It doesn’t quite make sense since they have a ton of the same ones.. but what can you do. Push for free shipping, that’s what we’re going to try and do! Ikea was an experience in itself though. Not entirely sure I need to do that again anytime soon. We were there until close at 9 when things get a little crazier. The lines literally wrap around the back of the warehouse. It took us about 20 minutes to get through it. Plus, remember it’s New York so basically everyone needs delivery. Thank God we didn’t have to stand in that line because there are no words of crazy to describe it. 

My advice to any future transplant New Yorker would be to just get a cab back to Manhattan if your things can fit in an SUV or van. It ended up being $50 plus tip, but that beats the $100 shipping and possibility of Ikea “losing” your couch somewhere. 

That’s my day for you! Stay tuned.

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