Day two of the subway and another success! I still have some experimenting to do though.. I left my apartment 15 minutes later today and ended up getting to the office earlier than yesterday! Not quite sure how that factored out.. but I must have just caught my train at the perfect time. Time enough to grab a hot tea and today a donut (changing it up a little!) For $2 though it wasn’t a bad deal. 

I was still the first person in the office though.. I have a key to our office but not into the actual floor yet so I had to depend on one of (I’m thinking) maybe lawyers that came in to open that door for me. I can’t complain too much though, minus the waking up early part I enjoy being the first to the office. Time to catch up on all of our clients’ accounts and get situated. Tomorrow I will be getting my own pass to get in though so I won’t have that issue anymore. 

After a great day at the office, we were off to drinks and dinner at Rosa Mexicano in Union Square for some margaritas and Mexican food! It was great getting to spend some time with the girls in the office outside of the office so we could actually get to know each other a little better. It’s so inspiring to see all of our different backgrounds and what brought us all here. Plus, can I please say that their guacamole, food and margaritas were incredible?! Seriously, I have yet to have a bad meal in New York yet. Mexican food is at the bottom of my list for choices too and I still thought it was absolutely delic so that says something! Great atmosphere too! Really had a great time. 

One thing I learned today about New York today is some restaurants get a little weird when you ask for a box for leftovers. When I asked the waitress she was almost confused, “You want me to box this up for you?” Yeah? I never knew that was a weird thing to ask, but apparently at upscale places it can be. Won’t stop me though, I’m notorious for left-overs! Learn something new everyday!

From a wonderful night out it was back to the apartment! Goal for the night? Attempt putting my dresser together from Ikea. Darcy and I got about half way done, but someone really needs to help Ikea with their direction manuals. I’m not sure little cartoon men and non- descript drawings helped all that much. Especially when the drawings don’t match up with the included parts. So if anyone wants to fly out and put my dresser together I’ll give you my credit card number! Haha, seriously though it’s a mess! We’ll figure it out eventually! Not tonight though, or tomorrow, becauseeeee we have plans! Yeah! Next week is fashion week here in New York and tomorrow is “Fashion’s night out” which kicks it off. I guess it is basically just a huge party for everyone down in the meat packing district. Complete with celeb sightings, free drinks, free totes, etc. It sounds pretty cool so after work we are adventuring down there! Then maybe I’ll worry about the dresser!

Until next time.. peace out!

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