Today was a pretty exciting day! First of all, my bed was delivered! Thanks to my amazing boss and her husband :) I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to go to bed before. Definitely a huge upgrade from the hardwood floor the last three nights let me tell you!

So the day started off very well! Since I was waiting on my bed to get delivered I got to head into the office a little late today. I hailed a cab though and was on my way downtown in my little business clothes. I think I just might be able to rock the New York in me for awhile.

The first day at the office was great! It’s super cute, and perfect for us :) I’m really looking forward to working with everyone and being back in the same city with my boss!

After work, Darcy and I decided we were going to try and adventure to Ikea in Brooklyn since our apartment is still pretty bare. So I attempted my first subway trip alone to meet her at her internship. Mission failed… Close, but no so go. I was supposed to jump off at Church street, but my train didn’t stop at Church so I ended up getting off a couple later. We ended up finding each other though so it was alright. After that we decided we were better off just grabbing a taxi than trying to figure out the bus by that time. Easy right? Fail again! We hailed 5 different cabs and none of them knew Brooklyn. So after the 5th failed attempt we decided to just wait until tomorrow when we have time to take the bus. 

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