Ask a Local with StreetBuff

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Ask a Local with StreetBuff

Today I’m talking to you about a brand new app that is awesome for both people coming to visit NYC and locals. Introducing, StreetBuff.

StreetBuff has a simple concept – to connect you with New Yorkers in real time. Whether you’re planning a visit, or just exploring a new neighborhood you can use the app to ask real people questions instead of searching through Google searches, TripAdvisor or Yelp. 

Looking to find the best slice of pizza on the Upper East Side? Or how about the best boutique for vintage finds in Williamsburg? Why not ask someone who is actually located there! The nice thing about the app too is that you don’t have to worry about flagging down strangers on the subway or walking down the street either. Just log in, find someone near the location you’d like to connect with and ask!

Here’s a little more on the app straight from the StreetBuff team:

I gave the app a spin, and here’s what you can expect. The interface is pretty easy to navigate and super user-friendly which is always a plus! Simply pick your location or move around the map and little green markers will indicate people near the area that you can talk to.

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Ask a Local with StreetBuff
Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Ask a Local with StreetBuff

Once you find the people near your location (or where you’d like to go) you can click on their profiles to get a little more info on what their specialties are.

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Ask a Local with StreetBuff

Click the chat button and ask away! You also have the option to rate the user to help out future StreetBuff users and tip the user if you think their advice was extra useful!

Not only is the app great for tourists, but it could be really great for locals as well. While I certainly know my way around most neighborhoods in Manhattan, once I head into Brooklyn I’m like a lost puppy so this app could certainly help with that. Plus, you can join to app to offer advice for others too! The more locals on the app, the better the resource, plus you might earn some tips along the way too.

I love the concept and I definitely recommend you check it out! Find out more about the app on their website or download the app through the Apple App Store