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5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

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Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : 5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

If there's one place I spend most of my time these days, it's my home office! Well, if we're being totally honest here it's really just my desk, but you get my drift! My desk has been getting a lot of action these days because it's where I get down to biz for Bold & Pop and my blog. So today I wanted to highlight some of my home office must-haves!

Cute Decor & Office Supplies

First things first, if you're going to be working from home or just spending a lot of late nights at your desk it has to be cute right?! The answer is YES if I'm highlighting it on my blog! 😉 No matter if you have a legit home office or just a little corner like me, having fun decor that showcases your personality can make such a difference! You want your space to feel inspiring so make sure to fill it with some of your favorites.

For me, I like to have my space filled with lots of color, things that inspire me and a dash of glitter. Same goes for your office supplies. I'm such a sucker for an adorable notebook or notepads, pens and you know I have to have a cute planner! Plus because I'm always looking for a good deal I find more of my finds at Target, Marshalls or TJ's! Cute and budget-friendly is always a win in my book. Don't forget about a cute desktop wallpaper too! 

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : 5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Vision Board

You may have caught my post earlier this year on creating my first vision board and here it is! Since I have a small space, this puppy is always staring me right in the face, which has worked out well. Entrepreneurship is such a rollercoaster ride so I really LOVE having this right in front of me. It helps remind me what I'm working for on the tough days and gets me excited when I realize I just crushed a goal. If you've never put together a vision board for your biz or blog I totally recommend trying it out! Mindset is so key to accomplishing your goals and my vision board has really helped me.

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : 5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers
Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : 5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Fresh Flowers

Another one of my favorite things for my desk are fresh flowers! I absolutely love having fresh flowers in the apartment #AdultingSoHard. They always lift my mood and make my work space smell amazing. Plus they totally come in handy for styled branding shoots or for social media props. I got extra spoiled with my arrangement this week from the flower delivery company Ode à la Rose too. How gorg are these?!

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design : 5 Home Office Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Water Bottle & Flavored Water

Something I've been working on lately is drinking more water. I get so in the zone with my work that I realized some days I was going almost all day without drinking any water. I know... I know.. that's bad. So something I've been working on is filling up my water bottle each night along with fruits or herbs -- loving cucumber and mint right now and then keeping it at my desk each day. I realized if I have water in front of me I'll drink it like a fish so it's officially one of my must-haves now. Staying hydrated is so important so it's officially one of my must-haves.

Storage Options

And last but not least... to have a functional home office you need to have places to store your things. Besides some business essentials, most of my storage space is dedicated to props for styled photos. And while I dream of one day having a full props closet, for now I'm just thankful to have my own closet in the apartment 😂 So not exactly in the cards right now. Until then, I've invested in some cute storage boxes and felt cubes where I can keep things accessible but also keep things tidy.

My must-haves are all about creating an inspiring space where I enjoy spending time at and that functions well. Do you have any other home office must-haves?  Be sure to share in the comments with your favs!