You know the frustration when you open your fridge and realize you have absolutely nothing to eat? You have 1 egg left.. no bread.. no lunch meat.. no soup.. but then every condiment possible. I’ve been at that level with my fridge for about the last week. Grocery shopping in the city, and I’m talking real grocery shopping when you are out of everything like me, takes a little bit of planning. Do you want to take the Subway downtown or the bus across town to save some money at Trader Joes or would you rather walk down the street and pay $6 for orange juice? Decisions, decisions. I usually take the across town option. Choices are definitely influenced by the 7 blocks I have to walk back to the bus and the other 4 blocks back to my apartment and let’s not forget the 4 flights of stairs. 

I’m the kind of girl who likes to get everything up the stairs in 1 trip, so anything over three bags (recyclable larger plastic) pushes reality. Since my roommate wanted to go to Target today though I threw out all of the calculations of blocks, weights of bag and hopped on the M15 limited bus to Harlem. Our Target doubles as a full grocery store and the best part is I could pick up whatever I needed and know that the only thing I have to worry about getting them home is up those stairs! Target has cab service right from the parking garage which ends up being about $12 with tip, but isn’t too bad when you split it. Plus, taking the bus to Harlem and walking the couple of blocks to Target isn’t too bad, but walking back to the bus stop with a bunch of bags doesn’t sound like the safest plan to me, especially at night, so we cab it. 

It was a great shopping trip and now when I open my cupboards I have choices! Aw, I love choices! I haven’t even told you the best part about our trip though. Every time we head over to Harlem I always talk about how I want a Costco hotdog because Costco is on the first floor and we have to pass it to get to Target on the second. I talk about it every time, but due to my guilty conscious about following the rules I have never attempted. Okay, okay I know it’s just a hot dog but it’s still breaking the rules! This trip was different though. I wanted a hot dog and I was going to get one! Actually, it was thanks to my roommate who asked. The guy told us we weren’t supposed to, but to go ahead. Wowwwweeeee! To my defense, both of my parents have been Costco members since before I was probably born so the $1.50 hotdog has seen thousands of their money. Aw, heavenly goodness how I love Costco hotdogs though. I have the perfect way to put them together too. Ketchup, relish, onions, with a little extra ketchup for the top! Absolute perfection, coming from yours truly condiment queen! 

The evening was wrapped up with a lot of unpacking and reorganizing the cupboards and fridge and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I’m notoriously bad at falling asleep at movies and this one seems to be another one I’m not sure I’ve seen the whole thing through before. Faith will vouch for me on this one too. I have probably attempted to watch “Christmas Story” with her at least the last 3 years, every time falling asleep. I guess it’s something about the dim lighting and night? It might also be that my mind is always wandering and movies are the one time I let my brain quit thinking? I haven’t entirely figured it out, but it’s something I always do. I am proud to say I have finally seen the whole movie of “It’s a Wonderful Life” as of last night! This is a BIG accomplishment people! I’m pretty sure my Mom has watched that movie every year since I’ve been born and it took me 21 years and watching it by myself to actually see and remember watching the whole thing. Haha. 

All and all I would say it was a pretty successful day yesterday and Friday evening. As for today, it is raining ALL day long. The first day like this I have seen since being here. In fact, the weather girl last night said 100% chance of rain all day. Moral of the story? Besides a couple of walks with Scooter today it is a very indoors kind of day. One of the best indoors activities at the end of fall? Football of course! So I am heading down to Brooklyn with Chris and his friends for a whole afternoon of football. Hope you all have a lovely finish to your weekends!!!

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