This weekend marks another first for me in the city! The first time of going to a movie theatre here! The options were up to Black Swan and Love and Other Drugs. We decided on Black Swan, but the cards of fate dealt us a different direction. Black Swan ended up being sold out so in the end my movie choice won! 

Like everything in the city, instead of large stores taking up whole city blocks they build vertically instead. So in Harlem instead of having a huge space filled with Costco, Best buy, Target, Marshalls, and Old Navy they stack them on top of each other. Side Note- the top parking lot in Harlem has a billion dollar view of the city— beautiful!. Same goes for Home Depot- 3 stories, Barnes and Noble- 3 stories.. you see the trend. The movie theatres are the same way. Movie ticket prices weren’t actually as bad as I thought they would be either. $12.50 buys you an adult admission, which seems pretty close to what it cost me in Portland and in Washington. 

Other than the building and prices, it’s still a movie theatre, but it’s still a first and worth noting! 

Anna OsgoodbyComment