Yet another thing to love about New York City! Two words- Rooftop Parties.

Last night we headed down to the Gramercy and Murray Hill area to meet up with some friends of my roommate. First, of course we stopped by a pizza bar to pick up a couple slices before heading to the subway and downtown. I think I could (but probably shouldn’t) eat New York pizza every day it’s that good! 

Another thing I might never get sick of? The views in the city. When you’re going about your daily routine it can be easy to ignore the “aw factor” that is the city. Then you step onto the rooftop and the view takes your gaze and the “aw factor” hits you right in the face. You stand there, do a 360 looking around, and realize, “Wow, I really live here!” I’ve only been here for 3 weeks, but I think my thoughts will remain the same a year from now. Especially if there are more rooftop parties to attend!

The night couldn’t have been better. The weather was perfect, warm but not too humid with a nice breeze. Everyone was really friendly, and popping champagne off the roof didn’t hurt the ambience either. 

Cheers to the weekend!

Anna OsgoodbyComment