Weekend Wrap-up: This weekend Union Square and Dumbo Brooklyn were on the itinerary. Saturday afternoon we headed down to Union Square (right off of the 14th St subway stop). I’ve only been to Union Square twice, but each time I have been there something is always going on. Whether it be street-performers, farmer’s market, of street-venders something is happening. On Saturday all of the above were going on, and the location was promising for a nice afternoon. The farmer’s market was pretty big taking over about half of the square around the park. Mountains of stacked radishes, fresh carrots, leaf lettuces, and eggplant. I got away from the market with only spending a dollar on some fresh cold apple cider. Mostly because I only had a dollar in cash, but can we pretend it’s because I have great self-control over purchases?

We continued around the square to the street-vendors where you can find just about any piece of art you’re looking for. Some of their pieces were absolutely beautiful sceneries of the city brightly colored and texturized. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have any cash because I could have picked out a couple of pieces that would have looked great on our apartment walls.

After the street-vendors we headed across the street to the Forever 21 for another dangerous feat. The store was HUGE! To put it into perspective think of any Forever 21 you’ve been in and then double it. That’s about how big this place was. Somehow I managed to get out of there only buying two pairs of earrings and a necklace. I’m not going to lie either I’m pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment! By the time we had left Forever 21 we headed to a couple more stores around there, but were ready to head home, cook dinner, and stay in for a relaxing night. 

Today I got up bright and early (well, for weekend standards) and took Scooter on a nice walk through the park. My roommate and I gave him a bath last night so he was looking quite fresh and fluffy! After the morning had passed we hopped on an express subway train and downtown toward Dumbo Brooklyn, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. For all of my Portland readers I’d compare it to the Pearl District. It’s full of a bunch of industrial buildings that have been turned into condos, apartments, and art galleries. Before making it to our final destination though we decided to walk over the Brooklyn bridge. This was partly because we couldn’t exactly figure out where the first stop on the Subway was in Brooklyn, but also because it’s a pretty walk. If you’re visiting and thinking of going over into Brooklyn I would definitely suggest trying this out because the views are great! I posted some pictures from the walk above, and will post a little panoramic video view after this post.

Once across the bridge we went and checked out the Dumbo Arts Festival that was hosting open art galleries, live music, and dance performances. I’ve never been formally educated on art and can’t always tell you exactly what all of it means, but it’s something I have definitely come to appreciate and enjoy. 

After getting our art fix it was back to the apartment to finish up unpacking the huge duffle bag and box my mom sent me earlier this week. When I say big, I mean really big! The bag was probably about four feet tall and a couple feet around. Somehow I found room for everything in my room and will post pictures for you all to check out after this post as well! 

I’d say this weekend was a success and looking forward to a fabulous week! Cheers :)