Yankee Stadium Food Guide

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Yankee Stadium Food Guide

As baseball season comes to a close, I decided it was the perfect timing to do a wrap-up of some of my favorite stadium bites of the year.

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a baseball fan.. I’m definitely more of a football girl, but Chris likes to go to the games and after my first visit I discovered that I do actually like something about the season.. the food! So Chris gets his sports fix, I get my food fix, all is good in the hood!

My number one choice at Yankee Stadium is always going to be the garlic cheese fries aka garlic cheesies! They were my first love that’s turned into a long-term relationship over the last 4 years. Garlic fries aren’t a new thing at stadiums across the country, but the cheese sauce is just some sort of artery-clogging gold that I can’t get enough of.

Next up are the chicken and waffle sandwiches. This was a first year stand and I have to say I approve. When I’m looking for solid stadium food, I really enjoy ordering items that I can’t get anywhere else, or at least that are semi-unique. I’d say this option definitely nails that category with the Yankee stamped waffle.

If you’re looking to elevate your taste a little above the classic baseball choices, Parm offers a nice option. Known downtown for their classic Italian bites, they also offer a location at the stadium to satisfy your Italian craving. 

If I still have room at about the 7th inning then it’s time to get in on the ice cream helmets. Yes, I’m secretly a 5 year old and I love it. You usually see the kids with these, but considering I went to my first pro baseball game at the age of 21 I think I have some years to make up for! The ice cream is Turkey Hill's soft serve and you have the option for a topic. I always get the rainbow sprinkles because, well, everything is better with sprinkles!

We usually sit in the bleacher seats, but one game this year Chris scored some suite level tickets from one of his clients so we got to experience the game how the other half does. I have to say, it was pretty cool. Separate entrance, a lounge, bar options, food court.. The whole shabang. They even had a sushi bar up there. My favorite part was definitely the free pop, popcorn and peanuts though. I’m excited easily and heyyy free snacks! Granted that’s kind of included in the price of those tickets, but since we got them for free.. free snacks!

No matter where you sit though, it really is a good time filled with lots of delicious stadium food!