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Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Smorgasburg

The warm weather may be on its way out of the city, but not before I tell you about one of my favorite outdoor food festivals! I’m talking about Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg! There’s a few different locations (you can find them here), but the one I’m talking about today is the East River State Park spot.

Something I think it fun about Brooklyn is some of its colorful graffiti. We don’t have a ton up on the Upper East Side and it certainly adds a little color to the scene!

This location is really awesome because its right along the waterfront and has THIS view! Oh heyyy, Manhattan! Nice view + some delicious bites? Always a win in my book. 

Now onto the good stuff… the food! I really love Smogasburg because it’s not just another food fest. It’s known for coming up with crafty and unique bites that you won’t find at the weekend street fair. One of the most notable creations to come out of the fest is the Ramen Burger. Yep, you heard me right, the Ramen Burger. The bun is made out of ramen noodles and it’s no joke. People have been waiting in hour+ long lines since it arrived on the scene and the line still hasn’t slowed down. 

This was as close to the burger as I got this trip, but one day I’ll have a blog post on that master creation.

Here’s a look at some of the bites we did have on this trip though! We started our food adventure with some pigs in a blanket at Brooklyn Piggies.

A solid place to start and their condiments were a tasty addition to the pigs.

Next up we headed to the holy grail of donuts, Dun-Well Doughnuts. You all know how much of a donut junkie I am, and I have to say their chocolate peanut butter pretzel donut is sitting at the top of my list of New York donuts now.

It’s probably a good for my health that they’re based in Brooklyn or these would be an often rotation in my diet. Oh but Brooklyn, I will be back for more..

If you’re a cornbread fan, make sure you stop by Jack’s Chedbred! We went with the maple bacon and the honey sea salt options. De.lic.ious!

As if the maple bacon chedbred wasn’t enough to fill my maple fix, I also picked up a Vermont maple lemonade at another stand. I’m all for trying different types of lemonade and I’d never seen a maple one before! 

So if you’re looking for something a little different in the food scene, get to Smorgasburg! This particular location is only open for a few more weeks before they move indoors for the season, but no matter where you visit them your tummy will thank you!