West Coasting! :: Days 9-10

After our great visit with the Hardersens at Alder Lake we headed south towards Eugene! We made a short stop in Portland for the Pine State Biscuits experience first though. I’ve been talking about this place with Chris since I met him, so we were both very happy the day had finally come for him to try their heavenly goodness combination of fried chicken, gravy, bacon, cheese and biscuits.

After we were full and happy, we headed another two hours south to my beloved college town to go watch the ducks beat up on Arkansas State.

I’ve never sat in Autzen in any other place than the student section so it was a new experience for the both of us! The ducks absolutely dominated their opening game though so it was a fabulous night! We turned in pretty early after the game after pure exhaustion of me dragging Chris around the whole PNW in such a short amount of time! As Chris said though, this was my last “big” adventure until after football season.. had to make it count right?! How is it that football takes up all of Saturday, Sunday, Monday night, and now Thursday too? Well, that’s another blog post.. but anyways we still had some ground to cover!

The next morning we got up early and ventured around campus. I hadn’t been back in a few years so I was pleasantly surprised by all of the new buildings and changes! Well, except for the fact that Allen Hall aka my home for two years and the journalism building is under construction for renovations! I’m all for renovations, but I must say I was a little sad that the building won’t ever be the same as it was when I went there! I guess that’s how the world works though. The only constant is change!

Another change include this hefty gate in front on my freshman dorm! Now it looks even more like a prison! Rumor has it the guy who designed the Bean dorms also designed prisons. Not sure if it is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

Nor for some new buildings! The new basketball arena and alumni center! WOW! These buildings were incredible! Uncle Phil has been taken care of campus well ;-)

Our next stop was at VooDoo Doughnut. This is another destination Chris had on his “must see” list for the PNW. Lucky for him, a new location opened in Eugene so we got to check it out and skip the long line and wait in Portland.

Of course when it came time to ordering, we couldn’t decide on just a few so we ended up getting 6. Some for the road right? 

That sugar-high got us back up north to Portland for a quick visit in the city and meet-up with some of my friends before heading back to Washington!

Woh, what a trip! I didn’t want it to end… but alas it had to. We enjoyed our last day at my dad’s house for a wonderful BBQ with family and lots of delicious food. I was so happy that we fit everything in and we still had a day left for some quality family time and for everyone to meet Chris. Thank you to everyone who made our trip so amazing!