West Coasting! :: Days 3-5

On days 3-5, I spent some quality time laying low and hanging out with my mom and some friends.

My last trip home, during Memorial Day, Little Duck was out of town so we finally reunited during this trip. 9 months later.. and I’m pretty sure she’s grown another inch since I saw her last! ;-) 

What to do with Little Duck? Go to our favorite place of course! Target! Where I picked up these bad boys. I must say our Target is a much more enjoyable place to visit than the Harlem one in NY.

I also got to go to another one of my favorite places with these girlies… Red Robin!

And last but not least, I got to see my Angie for the first time in 3 years! We can’t figure out the exact last date we saw each other, but we it was before I graduated college so even a little longer than 3 years. You’d never know it though because we stay in really good touch thanks to technology. Thank you Facebook, Skype and email!

We had quite the adventure during our time together. While driving, this little guy ^^ decided he wanted to cross the street. Who knew there were peacocks in Buckley!?

Later, we hung out with some more winged friends at Angie’s house. Pictured here you will see Angie’s family’s chickens and my new bff, Toffee.