West Coasting! :: Days 1-2

What an absolutely wonderful trip home! As always, too short, but a great trip at that! I’m going to run you through some of the highlights!

My first highlight was waiting for me right at my gate in Seattle.. My cousin Jennie and the newest addition to the family, little Evelyn! Unfortunately I found out after I booked my trip home that I would be flying in the exact day my cousin was flying out.. It ended up not being bad news though because we traded flight info and ended up having an hour slot between the time I landed and she took off. Even luckier, we ended up flying the same airline and were at the exact same gate! How crazy right? So sure enough I was able to catch both of them briefly before they had to board their flight!

After the excitement of seeing Jennie and Evelyn, I was off to find my mom! After a few escalators, texts, and calls later we were reunited. YAY! Then we were off to try and find my mom’s car. Note to self, if you park at Seatac make sure you write down where you parked! It might have taken a little while, but we did finally find the car. Then we were off to grab some grub. Traveling sure makes you hungry! My request? The good Old Spaghetti Factory! Oh how I miss my chain restaurants!

I can never get enough of their spinach tortelli with alfredo sauce either. Mmmm mmm!

When we made it to my mom’s house I got to meet the newest addition to her home.. little Bugs, the bug-eyed fish! Later in my trip, an associate at Petco would tell us that these fish live to be 30 years old. So, it sounds like he’s going to be around for many trips to come ;-).

We closed out the night with a fire in my mom’s new fire pit! The neighbors must have got the memo I was in town too, because they decided to light off some fireworks, which was pretty cool until Bentley started getting freaked out.

No worries for her though… because… she has a Thundershirt! Had to snap this pic.. she just looked too funny.

The next morning, I happily awoke to my mom cooking her cheesy egg sauce, one of my favorites! Nothing like home cooking right?

Once we were fed and fueled up we decided to adventure to Kanaskat-Palmer park to spend a little time in the great outdoors by the river.

It was nice to be outside in fresh and clean air for a change! That was until a huge spider decided to join us as a guest followed by his friend the bee. I had had about enough of the outdoors by then.. haha

By the evening we were ready to round up the troops and head out for a family dinner at The Ram in Tacoma. We were hoping to be able to sit along the water, but some windy weather prohibited that from happening. It’s alright though. We still had a great time! 

How could you not with this group and this masterpiece to eat though?!