Welcome to Miami!

Welcome to Miami! Business trip success! It was definitely an early morning Friday, but we were too busy to think about how tired we were! By Friday evening, we were headed back to our hotel at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida to take a breather before gearing up for some fun for the night. Our hotel was fabulous! My room ended up being a King suite too, so I definitely enjoyed feeling like a king for the night! I’m talking a king-sized bed, huge bathtub, and a pretty rocking view! 

Once we took a few minutes to take a break we headed out to get some food and then spent the evening having some fun at the casino downstairs. The penny slot machines didn’t treat me very well this time around, but I can live walking away spending $20 for the whole weekend.

By 10 o’clock I was struggling to keep my eyes open and headed to bed in my king-sized bed! The next morning we were headed for another meeting with another one of our clients, and a little tour around the city.

We checked out South Beach and the famous Ocean Drive. I must say it was pretty nice to escape the temperatures in the teens from earlier the week in New York for the 75 degree sunshine! I was actually pretty surprised by how big Miami was. It turns out the metro-area has 5.5 million people living there. 

I really liked some of the architecture in the city with its classic art-deco buildings. It’s a pretty picturesque city especially when you add in the light blue color of the water surrounding it. The city is also surrounded by yachts and big boats everywhere you look. I definitely felt like I was ready to be in a P-Diddy music video. All and all, Miami seems to be a pretty cool city. Next time I’ll do some more exploring, but thankful for the short amount of time I got to check it out!