Weekend Wrap-up: After the low-key weekend last week we had to step up our game this weekend.. and a little more exploring of the Upper East Side. Every weekend we’ve gone out we’ve usually headed downtown, but decided it might be a good idea to see what our neighborhood offers. So that we did!

Friday night consisted of some girl bonding time (always good) and a little bit of wine from Trader Joes, which is surprisingly not bad. Then we decided to go and meet some friends at Ryan’s Daughter on 85th between 1st and 2nd avenue. We soon found out upon arrival that it was a sad night for Yankees fans being taken down by the Texas Rangers stealing their chance at the World Series. Personally, I’ve never been a big baseball fan, but I am finding New Yorkers live and breathe the sport so it is in my best interest to at least have some idea of what’s going on. Now that the season is over I think I can postpone picking my team until the spring.. Will it be the Yankees or Mets? We will see… So far I’m leaning towards neither. Football is really where it is at.. and by football I mean college football, GO DUCKS!

Anyways, Ryan’s Daughter was a fun little cozy bar. I felt more like I was in Portland or Enumclaw than New York City. Not exactly the Sex and the City type places we have visited more recently. It was a nice place to hang out though. To finish out the night we moved a couple blocks away to Dorrian’s on 84th and 2nd Ave. You definitely don’t have to walk far to check out a new place around here is what I learned this weekend. Dorrian’s kind of reminded me of Taylor’s off of the U of O campus. So far, UES bars are definitely less swanky than what I have been used to since moving here. 

On Saturday, we were off for a girl’s day at Target! I’ve only been once since I moved here and swore to myself I wouldn’t be returning back there for awhile.. The first time we went there people were shopping like it was the end of the world, literally. Shelves were bare, carts everywhere, and quite frankly the place was just a mess. I’m not sure what was going on the weekend we first visited, but our second visit was much more pleasant. We hoped on one of the new limited bus lines to Harlem at 107th street. There is a Target, Costco, Marshalls, Best Buy, and Petco all is this multi-leveled building near the river. It’s a pretty cool complex especially for catching some sweet deals! I must confess, we looked at doggy Halloween costumes for little Scooter, but ended up not getting one. I know, I know.. They had a really cute squirrel costume that would have been perfect except they only had larges and extra-larges. Other than that I wasn’t really in love with any of the other costumes so I decided to do him a favor and not dress him up for now. I still have a couple of days though before Halloween just in case I change my mind though! :)

After Target it was prep out for another night in NYC.. another girl’s night at that! Heels, dresses, and glitter and all of that jazz. Us 4 girlies ventured out into the UES again. First attempt? Auction House. It was only an attempt though because apparently it is a 25 and older establishment on the weekends. So after he looked at my I.D. first we had to hit the road. We stopped by a couple of places along the way back towards downtown, but none really worth mentioning.. I’m not sure the UES is the best place to go out as four single girls.. but it was worth a shot at least. We ended up meeting up with one of my friends and his friends and having a great night. Had some good laughs, and by the end of the night all of us girls were singling karokee. Oh yes, that really happened.. After swearing to the girls I would not be singing with them, we ended up on stage by the end of the night. It was a good time though!

Sunday revolved around a relaxing day of chick flicks, and some tv :) Nice and relaxing with a little nap time mixed into the mix. Downfall to staying out late is you end of sleeping the morning away even if you still only get a few hours of sleep. What are the weekends for though right? A little bit of fun and some rest! I’d say I had a little bit of both this weekend!