The Halloween season always seems to creep up on me and this year is no exception. So after work we were off to look for some costumes. We haven’t made up our plans entirely yet, but so far it sounds like everyone and their moms are having Halloween parties. I’ve never been very fond of that phrase, but in this circumstance it is fitting. Regardless of where we end up though the costume is necessary. 

This summer I came up with the idea of wanting to be a Storm Trooper and then by this fall I had moved onto a mad scientist. Neither of which proved to be very successful ideas in tonight’s shopping trip.. it isn’t as if I haven’t been thinking about Halloween for awhile, but somehow the actual thinking of and putting together a costume have fallen to the last minute. I’m still 5 days early though so I’m not completely procrastinating though right? Anyways, after 4 Halloween stores without any purchases I decided to change my idea up to a Vampire. Cliche? Maybe, but after my love for Twilight and Vampire Diaries (yes, I’m kind of a junkie) I decided it’s appropriate. Plus, I’m putting together my own costume so even if there are a hundred other vampires we still won’t be the same. So bring on the fangs, cape, and fake blood! I’m hoping to pick up some of the finalizing pieces tomorrow before we solidify our plans for the weekend.

Above, I included a couple of pictures from our trip from store to store. There was a really cool light display in what I think was Union Square Park. It totally reminded me of fireflies, which I haven’t seen in real life, but if I had that is how I envision them! We also stopped by Baked by Melissa  between stores to have some bite sized cupcakes (literally!). They are delicious! Especially the mini of the month pumpkin! I’m such a sucker for pumpkin flavor. The final picture is from a huge chalk drawing in Union Square. It was beautiful and glittery. We were lucky to see it before it started raining. Hope you enjoy a peak at my evening! Now I’m off to bed as my mom’s voicemail suggested I try to actually get some sleep in the city that never sleeps to stay healthy.

Night world!

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