This weekend marked another adventure out of the city. This time, to the borough of Queens! My roommate had heard about this place called the Queens County Farm Museum. We decided it was the perfect idea to get us out and about to see new parts of the city. So my roommate, our friend Meg, and I all met up at midtown to catch the F train. I’ve never taken the F train before, but Darcy warned us that there were quite a few sets of stairs. We ended up going down 5 escalators before the platform where we had to go down one more set of stairs to get to our platform. It was kind of an eerie feeling when we realized how far we were underground. All I can say I don’t think I’d like to be down there during an earthquake!

After catching the F train we had about 6 express stops (which is pretty far!) we made it to Kew Gardens in Queens. From there we hopped on the Q-46 bus and set forth another 100 blocks to 252nd street. Queens is interesting. Like Manhattan, everything is mostly made of brick. It was weird to actually see real houses again though! Most of the houses were half brick with siding on the top. you could pass 20 houses that were exactly the same house though. Because of all of the brick and the fact that it’s winter everything was pretty brown. 

Once we made it to 252nd street we had a couple of blocks to walk before we had made it to the farm. When you walk through the gates you come to the original farm house where you meet your tour guide, Mister Marty. The farm is the oldest continuous running farm in the state of New York, running all the time since 1697. Marty gave us a tour of the original farm house and gave us some history and filled us in on the way of life on the farm through history. I’ve always been interested in the old ways of life, and this trip gave me plenty of new information to ponder. Once we had finished the house tour we wandered through the rest of the farm and went to see all of the animals! 

We bought a bag of feed and headed right toward the goats. The goats were characters! They had a lot of personality and kept us entertained for awhile. Once we finished with the goats we moved onto the pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep. 

During the fall, the farm has a corn maze, hay rides, and a pumpkin patch. Throughout the rest of the year the farm hosts antique car and motorcycles, Easter egg hunts, the county fair, and a Indian Pow Wow in the summer. We really had a lovely trip and definitely want to go back to check it out possibly in the summer or in the fall. It was a great day trip to get outside the city and made me feel a little like I was back home in Enumclaw!

Anna OsgoodbyComment