Aw, sweet New York. When the sun shines on you I love you just a little bit more. As, most people do wherever they live I’m sure :) Friday was a beautiful preview of spring in the city. A nice and sunny 66 degrees felt glorious and the hope that maybe the little groundhog is right about an early spring this year!

Looking at the forecast, there seems to be some snow within the next couple of days, but we’re soaking up as much of this day as possible! To complete the perfect day my roommate and I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to our roof to lounge and sip wine with the view. An excellent idea if I do say so myself! So we grabbed our two black chairs, wine glasses in hand and headed for the roof, okay, so it’s only one more floor up (5 stories) but it’s still a nice view!

Cheers to many more evenings like this in the spring and summer!

Anna OsgoodbyComment