Super Bowl City :: Seahawks Dominate the Press

Your NYC Seahawks correspondent is back! We’re 4 days out from the big game and you know I have a lot more to talk about. Today’s topic? How the Seahawks are dominating this year’s media coverage. 

I may be a Seahawks fan, but I’m reporting this from a semi-objective since I’m living in the Super Bowl epi-center which has no ties to either team.. I will say that from the coverage I’ve seen in the city, there’s no doubt that the Seahawks are taking over. Whether or not that will covert in the game, we will have to wait to find out, but I will say I can’t get enough of the coverage. 

  • Marshawn Lynch and the media: It’s no secret the guy isn’t big into media interviews but I actually noticed MORE coverage on the fact that he only spoke for 6 1/2 minutes of Media Day than any of the other player’s actual interviews. 
  • Baby is given “12th” middle name: I haven’t quite decided if this is kind of awesome or just embarrassing, but new parents in Washington gave their newborn baby the middle name 12th and with the last name of Mann, she’s officially 12th Mann. 
  • 12th Man Pale Ale: A brewery in Federal Way hit the jackpot with their 12th man ale and everyone is talking about it. We may not be able to get it here.. but the 12th man of Seattle is eating (or drinking) their marketing plan right up.
  • Hawks fans lighting up NYC in blue and green: We’re 2 for 3 so far of lighting up the Empire State Building. Verizon is hosting a contest on Twitter to let the fans decide which team’s colors will light up the iconic building each night.
  • Marshawn Lynch and Skittles: The guy who doesn’t like the press is getting some of the most press… He’s become known for his love of Skittles and just signed a deal. Coolest part of the deal? Skittle’s special edition release of a “Seattle Mix” that only has blue and green Skittles.
  • Richard Sherman a media favorite: Right or wrong, Sherman has continued to dominate press coverage since his intense after-game interview. One thing is for sure, people definitely know who he is now.
  • Derrick Coleman’s Viral Duracell Ad: Coleman is another member of the team that people definitely know now that his ad has gone completely viral with over 12 million views. So proud to have him on our team!

Now how about some big stories from the Broncos? Oh wait, I haven’t heard of any… Go Hawks!