NYC is Super Bowl City!

The Seahawks are coming, the Seahawks are coming! Actuallyyyy, they’re already here and the city is kicking into gear for the Super Bowl! How awesome that my hometown state is in the Super Bowl in my current city?!!! Pretty stinking cool, and I am pumped! I’m not sure the odds of this happening, or happening ever again for that matter so I’m about to take in every second of it. You can call me Anna, your NYC Seahawks corespondent!

So let’s talk, there’s a lot going on this week in both New York and New Jersey. Since, in case you didn’t know, the stadium is actually in New Jersey. A Super Bowl so big, it takes two states to pull it off ;-)

Here are some of my choices for highlights:

  • VH1 Super Bowl Blitz Concert Series: VH1 is celebrating the Super Bowl by hosting a series of 6 concerts leading up to the big game (January 27-February 1) You can purchase tickets if you’re in the city or tune in live each night on VH1.
  • Super Bowl Boulevard: GMC is taking over the city streets on Broadway from 34th-47th street to celebrate all is the Super Bowl. The event is free and you can bet I’ll be there (no matter how crowded it gets). If you go, you can look forward to checking out the Vince Lombardi Trophy, kicking a field goal, checking out the sports broadcasting centers, checking out the 60 foot toboggan and maybe even get an autograph or two from the players! Another thing to know is you can register for free online to get past the lines.
  • Hoboken Huddle: The city of Hoboken will be celebrating the Super Bowl with its own set of family events including curling lanes.
  • Taste of the NFL: For all of the high rollers.. The Taste of the NFL will be hosting an event with renowned chefs and several NFL greats! One of my clients at work will be serving the coffee, so I’ve gotten a little look inside the event. Bonus, all of the proceeds go to charity.
  • NFL Celebrity Bowling Classic:This is another one for the high rollers, but bowling is awesome so I wanted to mention it.
  • Celebrity Beach Bowl: DIRECTV is trying to bring the sun to the cold city with its annual Beach Bowl. They’re turning Pier 40 into a scene from the beach complete with sand and hosting several events including a tailgate fan party, a celebrity flag football game, half-time show and concert by Paramore. The event is free and benefits charity and will fill up!
  • Super Saturday Night Party: After DIRECTV hosts its Beach Bowl party they will be changing the venue into a two tier nightclub for a VIP invite-only event. I had to mention this one because… I’M GOING!!! One of my best friends, and old roomie from Portland is visiting for the weekend and her boyfriend has been slaving over the event all year. Andddd he got us in! Most of the details are under wrap, but we do know that Jay Z with be performing and the party will be hosted by Mark Cuban and Eli Manning. Ohh heyyy! All I know is, it’s going to be awesome and I’m sure I’ll have a good story or two.

And then of course we have the BIG GAME! Happening on Sunday at 6:30 pm EST time! Which, is its own event in itself because Chris and I are hosting a Birthday/Super Bowl party, because oh yeah, Friday is my birthday too! Can you say best weekend ever? Because that’s what it is about to be.