Does That Mean Everything is Cooked Rare?

In case you didn’t hear, Harold Camping has made another prediction for the end of the world. That is for.. today! While I don’t really believe in his predictions, you can never be too sure right? So, if I got to choose my last meal I’d like to go for a nice juicy burger… which led us to Rare Bar and Grill. I’ve been hearing about this burger place for awhile, but hadn’t checked it out yet. As I was looking at the menu, the name left me asking… is everything cooked rare? I love a good medium burger, but rare is, well, a little too rare for me. Don’t worry though, they cook to order!

I ended up ordering a Louis Lunch Burger, which by the menu said they won’t give you ketchup with it… I had to think twice about ordering for the mere fact that they really might not give me ketchup. I’m by definition a ketchup whore. Luckily, they didn’t make too big of a deal of it though. I guess it’s some joke, because the original burger was made not far from New York? Whatever the joke, as long as I got my ketchup for my burger I was a happy camper. Oh, and just to set the record straight, I had to borrow an image of the burger I got because my phone died. So Mom, I’m sure you’re dying to know, my burger was cooked a little more well-done than this one!

While, the end of the world really didn’t happen… this still would have been a good last meal!