One Red-Eye Flight and a Bus Ride Later

From Seattle I was off on a red-eye flight back to the city. Red-eye flights can be great because you dont lose “play” time during wake hours and get to spend extra time with those you care about before having to leave. The one thing you don’t think about much when booking a red-eye is the work day you have to work once you make it back a few hours before work. Or, at least I didn’t. Sleep wasn’t much of a priority for me on my trip back though, I’ll be honest. I landed in New York a little after 6:45 and by the time I made it back to my apartment it was pushing 7:30. I had the option to lay down for half an hour before work, but decided not to and just push through the day at work. Push is an understatement of what I had to do to get me through the day. I guess I also didn’t factor sitting in between two men on the flight, 2 screaming kids in front of me, and a snoring man behind me on my flight into the amount of rest I could have potentially gotten before getting off the plane. I survived though and that’s all that matters!

Once I made it back to my apartment there was not much time to spend relaxing because I had another trip to pack for! Boston! I fit in a quick visit with Chris, my roommate, and Scooter that evening before heading to Boston on a bus right after work on Friday. Kathy had been on business on the east coast for the last week and I was meeting up with her in the city for the weekend, before Faithy and their Aunt Beth joined us in the city as well. After an hour and a half delay on my bus I was on the road and headed for another destination, and another two states to add to my week long journey!

I made it into Boston a little after 11:00 and was greeted by Kathy before we whisked into a cab, made a quick visit to the hotel, and headed out for a late dinner and catch-up session after a week of traveling for us both! We ate at this fantastic place around the corner from our hotel that had divine burgers! After dinner it was off to bed for us!