Oktoberfest Rewind

Between the hurricane, Nor’Eastern, the election and now Thanksgiving, somehow October kind of got skipped over. So I’m going to take you all on a little rewind to capture the month that came and went so fast! 

Fall is by far my favorite season in the city. The air begins to cool to the perfect temperature for boots and scarves, but not cold enough for your winter jacket and ear muffs yet! October also marks the beginning of the ‘decorative’ season when people start to get excited about the holidays starting with Halloween. Frankenstorm may have put a damper on this year’s Halloween celebration (even postponing the holiday in New Jersey) but the holiday did still have some play time in the city. Here are a couple shots of my favorite decorated brownstones.

What’s another great part about October? Oktoberfest! There are several Oktoberfest festivals that happen throughout the month in the city and my friends and I decided to celebrate my tiny-bit of German heritage with a beer at Bierhaus. Now when I say “a beer” maybe I should specify with this picture…

Not exactly the average size.. but when you are celebrating Oktoberfest, do as the Germans do! The Bierhaus was great, complete with bench seating, bartenders in traditional attire and a German band with an accordion. I can happily say I got my workout for the day in too that evening lifting that mug up! After struggling with one, my friends and I were amazed by the women bartenders that came around carrying 4 or 5 at a time. I wouldn’t pick a fight with those girls! ;-)