Oh Where, Oh Where

Oh where, oh where has little Anna been?! Well, a little bit of ALL OVER the place! I’ve been going 100 mph since the 15th of June and haven’t had more than a couple of minutes to myself to sit down and rest, let alone re-live my adventures yet. Here I am though! Finally! Over the next couple of days I’m going to catch you up on all of my ventures over the last 3 weeks to the present!

My second day in Portland started bright and early after a late night with my friends. For the 3 weeks of traveling being tired was not an option though as I was in “energizer bunny” mode, or so I convinced myself. Anyways, after working bright and early I was in anticipation of Mama Duck’s arrival in Portland! Eeeee! 6 months without seeing your Mom should be illegal. Never again. By mid-day Mama Duck was around the corner and I couldn’t have been more excited!

Once reunited, I made an executive decision that we needed to go to Pine State again, yes again! Besides, how often can you eat fried-chicken heavenly goodness when you live across the country?! Besides, Mama Duck had never been to Pine State so it was a very necessary trip!

Mmm, let me tell you it was just as tasty as the first day! This time I got to get my Pine State Club fix too, which they were out of the day before. 

After our tummies were full of Pine State we decided to head back to some of my old stomping grounds and up by my old apartment. It appears that the people in my old apartment aren’t as pro at decorating as we were and had some funky lamp in the window, other than that not much had changed up there though! I took my Mom up on the Vista bridge for a quick view at the city and then for a little hike up the hill to Washington Park. We actually got to do a couple of things on this trip that I didn’t get to take my Mom to when I actually lived there. Working two jobs, kind of made it difficult to plan all that much for visits last year. All is well though! We went up the hill and then from Washington Park into the Test Rose Garden.

It was so great to finally just be able to hang out with my Mom in person and not via skype! After our trip to the rose garden we headed downtown and onto our next location of the day for my client’s grand opening event of her new store! The event turned out really nice, and her store is incredible! The Portland Ballet was even there to do a performance along with a live band, delicious snacks and wine!

The event was fun too because my Mom’s friend Meredie got to stop by and join us after work! Better yet, after the event and before taking off we headed up to the top of the building to the Portland City Grill (One of my Mom and my favorite places in Portland) to sit down and grab one of their delicious martinis! You get a whole view of Portland’s skyline from up their too, which is definitely worth checking out if you’re in town! Love it!

It was a great day and evening. The best part? I scored a couple of extra days (last minute) and got to go back to Wilkeson and work from home for a couple more days. I couldn’t have been more happy to be able to actually come home. I REALLY needed that. Unfortunately because it was last minute, I didn’t have much time to plan get-togethers or anything, but I really just needed some more quality time with my Mom and to finally see my Dad after 10 months (yikes, another NEVER that long again).