Now for Some Details!

It’s been a busy week for this girl! In the last week I’ve traveled from Long Island, to New Jersey, to Boston, to Seattle, to Spokane and then back to Seattle and NYC on a red-eye. To work… to apartment showings… To say I’m a little worn out would be an understatement, but this month isn’t over yet! One extreme stress of my life has been lifted though! I GOT AN APARTMENT!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

After being shown apartments with sleeping lofts, that were in sketchy basements, and others that were not much more than an over-sized closet, I locked down one that I think is fabulous! Shout-out to the two wonderful brokers that helped me lock it down! First of all, huge thanks to my co-worker for referring me to Robert Balonek of Rutenberg Realty NY! He was the first broker who didn’t make me feel like it was going to be impossible to find an apartment in my price range that allowed dogs! After going back and forth via email while I was in Washington he set up a showing at the building I ended up renting from. You know he’s good when he only had to take me to one building to find a place that would work for me :)

That’s where my other great broker comes in… Robert set up a viewing at the one building for an apartment on the 3rd floor, which I was ready to apply on. Then, the listing agent from Douglas Elliman asked a couple more questions about when I needed to move and let me know there was a bigger unit on the 4th floor that wasn’t on the market yet, but that he could show. It was over my budget, and a little more than what I thought I could get approved for, but we were there so why not. I’m so glad we did too because I fell in love as soon as I walked in. 

The apartment is on the 4th floor… but, it’s a real one bedroom! A decent sized one at that and there are 3 closets! I felt like I was on cloud 9 when I was walking around. Was this real life? The apartment isn’t anything too fancy, but it’s about 3 or 4 times bigger than anything I had looked at up to that point and did I mention there are 3 CLOSETS! Lol, closets are hard to come by over here.. So, while it was a little overbudget and out-of-reach the agent said as long as I had good credit he would do his best to get me the apartment and if not he could apply my app to the apartment on the third floor (which was totally liveable too). Sure enough, he kept his promise! Less than 24 hours later I got the email from Robert that I got approved! APPROVED for my own one bedroom on the UES Manhattan!!!!!!!! Life is sweet :) 

By Friday, I had signed the lease and wrote a lot of checks for obscene amounts of money. I’ll write another couple of posts on the process, rental packet and everything — because it’s good info for anyone considering moving here. For now though, I just wanted to give you a little more info about my new home!

They’re finishing up painting, but my agents are hooking me up and getting me keys early so I could start moving as soon as next week! Then I’ll actually have some pics for you guys :) So excited! Thank you everyone for all of your good thoughts and luck sent my way.