Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Collett!

This month has been quite the month! Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be able to make a quick trip west to go to one of my good friend’s weddings! It was the first wedding that one of my friends was getting married at, so I was pretty excited!

After a last minute transportation change, I ended up road-tripping east with my friend Lindsey and her boyfriend, Matt. Thank you guys for letting me be your third wheel for the weekend! So from Seattle, we were off headed east!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually been to eastern Washington so it was a nice change of scenery and I must say, the weather couldn’t have been better for the wedding! 

The venue they chose was absolutely gorgeous. It sat on top of a hill that overlooked all of Spokane, which gave a beautiful view of the sunset throughout the reception!

We arrived a little early so we got to snap some scenes before the action!

Normally I’m not much of a “mush” as I call it, but as soon as we sat down I got an overwhelming feeling I was going to be crying like a baby when Mel walked down to the alter.

andddd sure enough, I was that girl lol. And then that girl again, and again throughout the reception. Guys, you got me during the speeches!

Now that my friends and I live all over the place, Lindsey and I hadn’t met John (the groom) prior to the wedding, but we had the pleasure meeting some of his friends from college before the ceremony. We introduced ourselves as Mel’s friends and said we hadn’t met John yet, and they introduced themselves as John’s friends but that they hadn’t met Mel yet and almost at the same time each of us gushed about how wonderful each of them were. Which make my heart even happier. 

The ceremony was the perfect combination of seriousness, faith-driven, and silliness at the same time. Full of happy tears, laughs, and cheers!

I can’t imagine a more perfect evening to celebrate Mel and John starting their lives together and I could not be more excited for them both. 

It wasn’t hard to see some of the reasons why Mel fell head-over-heels for John either. Meeting some of his friends and family confirmed that their zest for life, humor, and spontaneous personalities are perfectly matched. Here’s a shot of the groomsmen doing a synchronized dance for the wedding party. Too funny!

And off into the night we danced the night away! Cheers to a truly beautiful couple and a promising future for them both! So excited to see where their lives take them and so excited I was able to reunite with some of my favorite Enumclaw girls for Mel’s special night! 

After a lovely weekend, we were back on the road to the west side! Not without some pics of the windmills (my new favorite). See you in a few Washington!