National Coffee Day!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy working on a client event that took place last weekend and I wanted to share since it has NYC roots! Normally I don’t share a lot about my work, but this seemed fitting and it’s a client I’m very excited to be working on.

To celebrate National Coffee Day, Media Maison worked with our client Grace Hightower and Coffees of Rwanda to do a takeover of New York City to celebrate! 3 days, corporate gifting, one branded food truck, 4 partner food trucks and 5 standing locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, all handing out free coffee. Let me tell you something about New Yorkers… they love free things, and they especially love free coffee!

It turned out to be a really great event! The brand is relatively new so it was wonderful to be able to take to the streets and really get their name out there. It’s a really wonderful company too because all of the coffee is sourced directly from the farmers in Rwanda and is focused around the theme, “trade not aid”. Good coffee + helping others, what more can you ask for!

Here are some pics that wrap up the last month of my office’s work!

Our street team even caught up with Keenan Thompson of SNL!

It was a really great event that we’re all very proud of! People weren’t just buzzing on the streets either.. Social media was on FIRE! Which, I was behind :) Plus, we had mentions from Alicia Keys and Robin Thicke, which is pretty much the dream of a Social Media Director. (Of course I took screenshots)

12,000+ cups of coffee given out, 42,000+ Facebook users reached, 600+ Facebook interactions and 300+ mentions on Twitter…. SUCCESS! 

So yes! That is what has been keeping me busyyyyy at the office! if you have a Facebook, we’re still doing a contest to win a year of coffee, so stop by and enter! Help me look good you know ;-)