Mother's Day Weekend :: Enumclaw & Portland

What a WONDERFUL trip back to the northwest! Of course the trip wasn’t long enough (it never is) but I feel so blessed for the memories I made! My trip started very early flight out west, ending with this beautiful view of the mountain!

My first day back, I spent some quality time with Mama Duck in Enumclaw.

In the evening we went downtown to a newer restaurant called Rendezvous Wine & Brew. They just re-did the kitchen and expanded the menu just in time for summer. The location is super cute and has open panels that open all of the way. Once I saw the monte cristo sandwich on the menu I knew that’s what I wanted to order. I must say I was quite impressed too! Enumclaw is stepping up its game in the foodie scene. 

In the evening, I visited Little Duck and we headed for another “first” for me.. Enumclaw’s froyo, Avalanche Delite. Froyo has been blowing up over the last few years all over the city and it seems to be doing the same on the west coast! I will say it was definitely the place to be in Enumclaw too. In the amount of time I was there I saw quite a few people I knew. Props to their topping bar too! I’ve been to my fair share of froyo places, but I’ve never seen quite the selection that they had! I’ll admit I went a little crazy (mine is the one on the right) but I couldn’t help myself. Fresh fruit, honey, marshmallows, bobo balls and wait for it…  pop rocks! Oh yeah, they had pop rocks and it was awesome.

On Friday, my mom and I were off for a little road trip south to Portland! Little Duck was touring her first college on Saturday in McMinneville (about an hour from Portland) so we decided to head to Oregon and visit my old neighborhood and stay the night before going to McMinneville the next day.

We couldn’t have lucked out more on the weather. It was absolutely perfect! Low 80’s, slight breeze, and sunny. A nice change after getting 3 inches of rain the day in New York before my trip!

We stopped for some Happy Hour grub at McMenamins and I couldn’t have been happier. $3 Cajun tots and a pint of Ruby beer was one of my favorite Portland past times, so I was very happy we had time to go there on our short trip.

After spending some time in NW Portland we headed towards the waterfront to our hotel. Not a bad view from our room either huh? ;-)

We were thinking of adventuring to some local watering holes downtown, but our hotel had a pretty nice bar, complete with a live band so we decided to stick around. My mom’s friend and my friend Amanda were able to come by so we had a really fun visit with both of them.

My friend Jacob and Martha were able to stop by really quick too with a special surprise too… Their hedgehog! I’ve had a hedgehog obsession since living in Portland and they recently just got one so I was pretty excited to get to meet little Olive! Even if she didn’t want to come out for my picture!

We had such a great time in Portland and I’m really happy we decided to stay for the night before heading to McMinneville!