Mission Impossible NYC Edition :: Piggy Apt Dwellers

It’s that time again… This time I’m talking apartment listing photos! Something I find comical and sometimes plain crazy is the photos that are included on some of these apartment listings. I understand we’re living in small quarters in Manhattan and I will admit my room is not always spotless, but some of these apartments can only be described as a hot mess! 

I’m hoping that some of these people just didn’t know when they would be taking photos? Otherwise.. well.. there’s a lot of little piggies living in the city!

Let me show you why I say that…

Exhibit A: Hello clutter!

Exhibit B: I’m sure they didn’t want everyone to see their (hopefully clean) laundry laying out on the bed. 

Exhibit C: Besides the fact the garbage is overflowing all over the place, I think it’s a fire hazard having that stuff on the burners.

Exhibit D: Looks like the stairs to the sleeping loft got turned into a shelf.

Exhibit E: And the backyard shot.. First of all, let me rant. Someone has a backyard in the city and they did this to it?!! Come on people!!

So there you have it. Mess, mess and more mess!