July... The Month that May Kill Me

Maybe I should rephrase that.. July will be the month that if I survive I am totally giving myself a pat on the back. LOTS going on! As everyone coast to coast is very aware of, I’m apartment hunting! I’m also making a quick trip home and then to Eastern Washington for one of my good friend’s wedding (YAYYYY for Mel and John), they’re starting demolition for remodeling the kitchen at my current apartment this weekend, I was summoned to Jury Duty in the middle of the month, and we’re also moving locations at our office. So lots of BIG things going on! It’s all very exciting, but to say that it’s stressful doesn’t really come close to how I’m feeling.

I will feel MUCH, MUCH better when I have an apartment locked down. That is for sure. Sooo, in the next 24 hours I will be heading to work for a half day, meeting up with my new BFF broker to look at apartments and hopefully love one and apply! After that, I’m back to my apartment to tidy up and then hit the road aka train with Chris and Scooter to Long Island. Yep, another addition of stress to my life. Taking Scooter on the train. Not the most fun experience.. but my flight isn’t until the 4th so I want to help Chris get the pup out to Long Island since he’s playing babysitter while I’m gone.

Then on the 4th I’ll be traveling all day! I’m adding a good 2 1/2 hours to my trip to the airport by going to Long Island, but I have a couple of books to read so that’s good. I also have a quick layover up north in Boston before getting into WA in the evening. The 5th, I’ll get a little downtime with my family before hitting the road on the 6th to Eastern Washington and then back on the 7th. Chill for a night and then back on a red-eye to NYC. No rest for the weary! 

I’ll have posts for you next week (hopefully including a ” I GOT AN APARTMENT!”. Fingers crossed everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekends!!