LuckyRice at DUMBO

May has been the month of food festivals for me! This girl is surely not complaining either. As you all probably know by reading my blog.. one of my favorite things about NYC? Definitely the food! The first food festival of the month I went to was called LuckyRice. Some of our friends ended up having an extra couple of tickets so Chris and I were the lucky ones that got to use them!

LuckyRice is a food festival that has been a sold-out event since 2010, celebrating the culture and flavors of Asia. After such success in NYC, the festival is also heading to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this year. 

The event took place in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in Brooklyn. If you watch Gossip Girl, It was right around the apartment that Dan lives in (little dose of tv facts for you). When they say sold-out event, they really mean sold-out! All of the food tastings took place under the actually bridge and space was pretty tight. When you live in NYC, packed events start to become the norm. Once we tried a variety of bites from amazing restaurants we headed into the other part of the festival. The drink loft! We discovered the area early into the event so we took advantage of cocktail and sake wine samplings before the mob flooded the area as well. 

We wrapped up the evening with a performance from the night festival’s head-lining band, The Notorious MSG. And yes, that is their real name, I couldn’t make it up if I tried!