Go Knicks!

Last night I had another New York “first”! Chris took me to my first Knicks game! Normally I’m not the biggest basketball fan, but I decided I couldn’t knock the live games until I had been to one. Turns out, they are a lot of fun! Plus, I had to go to check out the game food scene right?! After the Yankees games, I am sports game curious. They ended up losing pretty badly, and basketball fans are a lot more vocal than other games I’ve been too. They sure aren’t afraid to boo their own team when they aren’t doing well or chant, well, not the nicest things. There was also a guy about 4 rows ahead of us that was rooting for the other team and standing up every time they scored. Well, as it turns out, Mr. angry sitting a little to the right of us wasn’t all that happy about his gestures. To the point, I’m really wondering if the one guy didn’t punch the other after the game was over. Between all of the crazy fans, half time entertainment, celebrity appearance, and the actual game it was a pretty entertaining experience I’d say!