A Deep-Fried What..???

If you are looking for something different that you aren’t going to find in any other city, then Korzo Haus is the place for you. One of our friends told us about the place a couple of months ago by describing it as having deep-fried burgers. Most people would be turned off by just the description, but my ears only perked up. It took us some time, but we finally made it to Alphabet City to check out the restaurant to find out just what this place was all about. 

We hit it right around 3 o’clock on a Saturday, which was perfect because we missed the brunch crew and were still too early for dinner. There isn’t a ton of seating, so this worked out great. We didn’t know much about the place before showing up so we quickly learned that their burgers were Hungarian! To be honest, there were some things on the menu I had no idea what they really were, but I’m always to try something new.

I ended up going with original for my first order. We also got an order of their fried halušky, which are potato noodles. The burger actually wasn’t “deep-fried” in the traditional manner you would think it was, or at least it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was actually a burger and the dressings inside fried Hungarian bread. The only way I can really describe it is it was like the inside of a hollowed out roll, but that bread at a crusted fried texture on the outside. 

All I can say is, for the non-NYers add this to you “must check-out” list and NYers GO THERE! It was honestly one of the most unique and interesting things I have had to eat thus far in the city. I was really impressed. The blend of flavors was so interesting and delicious too. Definitely not your ordinary burger.