Kicking off Summer with a BANG!

It’s officially summer and I can tell you that there was not a single New Yorker that did not know that today! When I say the city kicked off summer with a BANG, I definitely meant it. While the bang wasn’t meant to be literal, I would not be surprised if our energy company, Con Edison, burnt out from an energy overload from the high of 97 we hit today. Don’t forget about the 70% humidity level! Whew, I’m sweating just thinking about that number.

The west coast taught me many things, but dealing with this kind of heat and humidity was definitely not one of them! And this is just day 1! I really can’t complain too much, considering I was probably only outside in it for maybe 20 minutes tops. Walk to the bus, walk from the bus to the office, from the office back to the bus, from the bus to my apartment, and two short stints letting Scooter out. Poor little Scoots should really be the one complaining because he certainly didn’t get much of his walks today.

Even as I sit and type this blog at 11:00 my time, the weather outside is still sitting at 87. We’re in for another doozie tomorrow too.. It’s okay though because I know how to SURVIVE! So how to I plan to do that? Here’s my keys to beating the heat.

  1. Dressing the part: Luckily for me, I don’t work at an office where a suit and heels are required. Can you say light cotton sun dress to the office? I can! I may have only spent 20 minutes outside today, but the sundress was key! The next key is minimizing accessories and hairstyles. Sorry jewelry.. you need to take a break until it’s at least 10 degrees cooler. And the hair? It’s all about the low bun. Out of your face, pulled back, and not covering your back either. Better yet, my hair has gotten pretty long now and thinking about drying my hair for 15 minutes is dreadful in this heat. The key is to dry it about half way before tying it back. That way you still get a sleek look and you also stay a little cooler on your commute to work.
  2. Sunscreen: Whether you’re going to be in the sun for 5 minutes or 2 hours, sunscreen is essential in this weather. It is just too hot and not worth getting burnt in. My favorite right now is Coppertone’s SPF 50 spray sunscreen. Perfect quick application without the heavy sunscreen smell.
  3. Hydration: It’s important to stay hydrated (tips from mom) in between stepping outdoors to rehydrate the 5 lbs you just sweat off. My choice? lots of water from our water dispenser at work. Another way to drink more water is add a little flavor. Adding lemon is always my go to, but recently, I’ve been really enjoying cucumber, lime, and mint. Very refreshing! 
  4. Keep the AC on low for Mr. Scooter: I may not enjoy this heat, but neither does the poor little wiener dog. It’s important to make sure dogs are also prepared to get through the heat wave. I decided to leave my AC on low and leave Scooter an extra bowl of water in case he needed to cool down.
  5. Living in front of the AC: And the most important tip to survive the heat? The AC! Thank goodness for the person who invented it. Because let’s be honest, that’s the real way I’m surviving. Sorry Con Edison bill.. I’d rather pay double next month for my bill that die from heat stroke!