Kansas City Style BBQ in LIC

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: John Brown Kansas City BBQ in Long Island City

It was the Seahawks vs the Chiefs and friend vs friend! One of my friends grew up in Kansas and is a huge Chiefs fan so it only seemed fitting that we caught the football game together. And, since the Chiefs were hosting, we decided John Brown Smokehouse was just the spot to do it at! 

While we could have opted to watch the game on neutral territory, I was easily persuaded when I heard about the Kansas City style BBQ John Brown serves up. Especially since I have never tried it before.

It was tough deciding on the menu, but I decided to order my friend’s suggestion, a burnt ends sandwich with a side of mac and cheese (you know I couldn’t resist). He explained to me that it’s all about the burnt ends when it comes to Kansas City BBQ, and when a local tells you the classics, you order that!

Another good looking option that Chris opted for was their pulled pork and side of coleslaw.

Now let me tell you, they’re not messing around with this BBQ! The burnt ends were fall apart in your mouth good. The meat really embodies that smokey style which is the perfect blend of flavor without going over the top. Add on some of their smokey style BBQ sauce and you have yourself a seriously solid meal. Now onto the mac. The mac and cheese was the perfect classic BBQ side with a nice mix of pepper and a coating of extra cheese on top. SOLID!

Living on the UES, I don’t get out to Long Island City (LIC) much, but it was actually pretty convenient to get to. Just one stop into Queens and a short walk from the E train! All of us came from different directions, but it was just a hop and a skip for all of us, which is key for me when venturing out to the outer boroughs!

The only thing that could have made this trip better was if the Seahawks could have pulled a win! It was a little rough being surrounded by Chiefs fans singing “We are the Champions” at the end of the game, but I got by :-p.