I've still got it!

I’ve only been bowling once in the city since moving when I went for Andre’s Birthday party. Something that I used to do in high school and in Portland because it was an inexpensive and fun way to spend the weekend is quite the luxury here in the city. 

Chris surprised me a couple weekends ago though and we headed for the lanes! Bowlmor Lanes that is! It was the first bowling alley I’ve been into that is more than 1 floor.. 3 to be exact, although I think the top floor was actually a mini-golf course. I really liked Bowlmor because it had the classic luxury of hi-class bowling with big screens lining the lanes, and a lounge but was a little bit more on my level of what I’ve come to expect from bowling. 

The best news? I’ve still got it! I kicked some butt and even got a turkey. YES! Solid Friday night.