I'll be Home for the Holidays

As always, I had the BEST trip home! Filled with family, relaxation, and some good old fun! Here are some highlight pics :)

Christmas Eve and Christmas with the family…

My sister and I got my Mom a Google Chromebook laptop for Christmas. So hopefully she’s reading my blog on it now! (hear that Mom?!)

I made my Dad a photo book of my parents trip to the big apple last year and then got him a signed copy of my favorite astronaut’s book too!

Bentley picking out which toy she wanted before the other dogs go their choices! (Scoots and Niko!)

Last time Chris visited, we were all over the place the whole time that we didn’t get to spend much time actually in the claw. So this trip he finally got to meet some of my besties and get a real feel for our small towns :)

Which, after taking him to our favorite brewery in Buckley, he pretty much thinks we live in a Duck Dynasty episode. haha

Then onto the Seahawks game! I got Chris tickets for Christmas and my parents got my sister and her fiance tickets to come with us and let me tell you it was AWESOMEEEEEE!!

Chris, John and I hadn’t been to games before so it was a pretty awesome experience and our tickets were SICK! No zoom on this pic ;-) and this guys fist actually kind of adds to the pic I think!

When they say the stadium is loud, they are not messing around! It was so loud I literally could not hear myself think, soo to think they’re trying to make calls in that?! Insanity. The 12th man is insane!!

Oh yeah, and there were ponies. PINK ponies! Say what?! This little cutie is Tinkerbelle from Dreamland Ponies (Check them out too, I hear you can even have them come to your parties!) Another reason why the Seahawks are awesome! 

We took Chris up to Snoqualmie Falls to get a little nature fix. It was so foggy that when we first got up there you couldn’t even see the falls, but then they peaked out.

We wrapped up our trip in Seattle for some adventuring. My Dad is super awesome and decided to give me my Birthday present early so that we could enjoy the city. So He got us tickets to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Space Needle, and the EMP Museum. 

If you haven’t checked out the Chihily museum yet, GO! It is so fabulous and beautiful! His work is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

This room was my favorite. If I ever have a wedding.. this is where it’s going down. Then we headed up into the Space Needle. I haven’t been up since I was a little kid so it was a lot of fun for me too. The fog really liked sticking around on this trip, but you could still see everything minus the mountain.

Then we headed to the EMP. Another really cool place! Such the perfect combination of places for us to visit! 

For the evening, I introduced Chris to one of my favorite places, The Cheesecake Factory, which he loved and then we relaxed a little before the fireworks. This was the view from our roof of our hotel. I wouldn’t mind having that view everyday ;-)

The fog got so bad during the fireworks that you couldn’t even see them part of it.. so I don’t have a picture, but we had such a great time! We met this nice woman who came over to us and gave us cute little cups with sparkling pear cider!

To kick off the New Year, we ate our dessert for breakfast on our rooftop with this view again, before taking off.

Aw yes, this view again!

Seattle, I love you. I love home and I’m so thankful for my time back again. :) Cheers to 2014 everyone!